Comments on SALB

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  • "I want to say that I am most impressed with what this issue of the Bulletin contains and the fact that it is still critically engaged with the labour movement and beyond (the ruling party and the state). Well done! I look forward to reading the rest of the Bulletin."
    Johann Maree (Emeritus Prof of Sociology at the University of Cape Town)
  • "What a great edition – congratulations – well done and thanks for the copy."
    Marion Stevens (Treatment Monitor, Health Systems Trust - Vol 32.5)
  • "I want to express my profound admiration for the enormous work you have to do to publish it five times a year. Its standards of production and intellectual content are amazing. The balance between the political, social, economic and cultural in it is very instructive. I just wanted to say I’m your cheering fan."
    Ntongela Masilela (Professor of English and World Literature, Pitzer College Los Angeles California)
  • "I want to know the process of getting SA Labour Bulletin for Dec/Jan 09 - great edition."
    Mr James Makeke (National Department of Health)
  • "Vol 32 no 5 looks even more interesting and cleaner than the previous high standard set by SALB. Keep up the good work!"
    Darlene Miller (former trade unionist and University of Cape Town academic)
  • "Thanks for a copy of the Labour Bulletin. It’s so fabulous. I would highly welcome a request to contribute to another volume."
    (Westen Shilaho – Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation - CSVR)
  • "When in Johannesburg last November I purchased a copy of SALB Vol 31 no 4 and was impressed by the quality of the articles. There are two that I would particularly like to use for teaching purposes for my Postgraduate Industrial Relations class."
    Dr Alf Crossman (Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations, HRM and Employment Law, University of Surrey) 
  • "Among the other things I've done on my trip is pick up some back issues of SALB, going back to the review of the Durban Strikes in ’73. Fascinating stuff. It's a great publication that seems to connect folks in the labour movement and academic community - there is, sadly, no equivalent in the USA." Peter Cole (Ph.D. Associate Professor of History, Western Illinois University)